Our history

QIEX digital asset exchange started in 2017.

It was initially an encrypted digital currency platform settled in legal currency.

In 2018, it became an international cryptocurrency exchange to provide services to global users.

During this period, a total of nearly 100 digital cryptocurrencies were listed, and a total of digital cryptocurrency trading services with a transaction volume of more than 20 billion USD were provided to 500,000 users around the world.
We went through a very painful period in 2019, as the cryptocurrency market shrank and we were only able to break even relying on transaction fees alone. But at that time we were eager to create new R&D based on blockchain technology. Eventually we had to shut down the trading platform.
What is gratifying is that our departure did not cause any loss to any investors, and all the cryptocurrencies used were safely withdrawn. We also maintain good business relationships with many cooperative project parties.

In 2024, we will return with more hope. We will provide everyone with safe and fast encrypted digital currency and encrypted asset trading services as before. And there will be more derivative services for crypto assets. We believe we will do better.


What are we going to do ?

What main performances will your new QIEX have that you can see soon?

Metaverse Social

WEB3 completely decentralized metaverse social network.

Crypto digital asset trading

Cryptocurrency, NFTs, inscriptions, etc. Crypto digital asset exchange.

Payment channel

Make more digital assets practical, increase their use value, and provide support for various types of encrypted asset payments.


Fundraising Plan

Fund-raising takes the form of various combinations, starting from the minimum investment of 1,000 USDT for general investors, and the maximum amount is 300 shares. Large investors or institutions start from 500,000 USDT, with a maximum of 3 shares.The proof of investment equity is the QIIE (QIEX Investor Equity) ERC20 Token issued on the Polygon chain.


Feb 4, 2024 (8:26AM UTC)

Total amount of financing

2,100,000 QIIE

Total issuance

4,800,000 QIIE

Exchange rate


Acceptable currencies

BTC, ETH, USDT and other mainstream circulating crypto digital currencies

Minimal transaction amount

1,000 USDT = 1,000 QIIE

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Initial Distribution

Project cost and usage


The Timeline

More specific plans, nodes and milestones will be announced through the project management system.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is QIIE?

QIIE is the QIEX platform income and equity proof TOKEN, with a total amount of 4,800,000.

How QIIE works?

The proof of investment income equity is the QIIE (QIEX Investor Equity) ERC20 Token issued on the Polygon chain.

QIIE’s contract address?

Available via https://polygonscan.com To query, the contract address is 0xcD1c1B84bF29073d084cC1c133540Ce21c5A574a

How to buy TOKEN to invest in QIEX?

QIIE can be purchased with BTC, ETH, USDT and other mainstream circulating encrypted digital currencies, as well as any circulating legal currency, but the final settlement will be in USDT. Please contact us for details.

Large-scale investors and institutions

Among them, 1,800,000 are for large-scale investors, with a starting number of 500,000 and a total share of 3. Accept any legal currency and mainstream encrypted digital currencies, and the final conversion is in USDT. 500,000USDT=600,000QIIE.

General investors

Among them, 300,000 are used for small investment users, the starting number is one thousand, and the total share is 300. Accept any legal currency and mainstream encrypted digital currencies, and the final conversion is in USDT. 1,000USDT=1,000QIIE.

About fundraising rewards

Among them, 21,000 is used as a reward for contribution to fund-raising work, which is 8% of the total fund-raising, and the reward ratio is 8%.

Right to exercise rights

Proportional distribution will be carried out according to the annual (fiscal year) financial announcement. The distribution will be settled in USDT and transferred according to the QIIE holding address (TOKEN in the exchange will be snapshotted and distributed at the agreed time).

QIIE holds interests

In addition to the income rights, founding investors can enjoy lifetime exemption of transaction fees and the highest level of all platform services (non-transferable) through WEB3 login.

QIIE transfer

The QIIE/USDT trading pair in the QIEX market can be bought and sold, and real-time equity transfer can be performed.


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.